Harry Moldovanis

Electrical and Computer Engineer MEng / Senior Web & Game Developer
Personal Info /////////////////////////////////////
Lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birthplace Athens, Greece
Email hmoldo@gmail.com
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Specialties - Fields of interest ////////////////////////
Flash development of online
and FB apps
Front end
Adobe flash, actionscript 3 /3rd party libraries / 3D and Physics:
Papervision3D, Away3D, jigLibFlash / Augmented Reality: Flart, Flar Manager / Facebook: Adobe facebook API
Back End / Database
PHP 5.3 / MySQL or SQL Server / red5 Server (java)
for multiuser games & apps
Facebook Applications: Deployment and development of FB applications using flash or javascript Front end
HTML / FBML / javascript facebook graph api / jquery / actionscript3 / Facebook graph API / FQL
Back End / Database
PHP 5.3 / MySQL or SQL Server / PHP facebook api
Web development of sites/apps/eshops using custom CMS Content Management System Front end
HTML 5 / CSS2 & 3 / javascript / jquery
ajax / json / XML
Back End / Database
PHP 5.3 / MySQL / SQL Server
Online works /////////////////////////////////////
If you cannot understand what you’ve read above, please don’t contact me.